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Strategic Marketing

From the unworkable corporate Five Year Plan, American business have come full circle to having a "living" strategic plan. As ridiculous as this sounds, it is business reality. And, actually, which today's tools, more likeable than every to be a reality.


Writing great content is Job One for your website. You can get by with adequate design and stock images, but web writing is essential to conveying your key marketing message through your web presence. This is because the written word lasts. Sure, someone may watch a video for a couple of minutes but then its over. They are not likely....


A brand is a promise made to a customer. The more consistent the brand, the more loyal the customer -- theoretically. Branding is not about the color and shape of the logo. Branding is a process that pervades all departments of an organization. It is about the ability of the customer to count on the brand holder to serve, protect, and enhance customer selection over time.


Love 'em or hate 'em, trade shows are often a productive option for small business?especially for the introduction of new products and services. Besides making sales, its an opportunity to get demonstrate your wares, get some real world feedback, and see what others are doing. Here some tips on getting the most from your investment.