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Article Marketing

Article marketing is the practice of writing journalist-style prose for the purpose of promoting products, services or issues of a particular company.

At its best, it offers helpful and accurate information about a topic, with a light insertion of the source company's promotional and contact information. At its worst, it is a self-serving propaganda tool that is of little use to readers.

It has been around for centuries but has grown in importance with the advent of segmented digital marketing. Weekly newspapers of the last century, for example, were totally dependent upon articles freely provided to them to fill pages in between the advertising.

Sites, such as ezines. Articles range from how to buy a used guitar to current theories on world peace to where to find cheap vacations.

Articles are most effective when they are timed in concert with other events and dates. For example, articles on electronic gift ideas are best served around Christmas.

Generally, the best idea is to submit articles to large article directories (like ezines) because these sites receive a lot of site visitors and may be considered authority sites by search engines, leading to high traffic. By definition, you want to have your site referred from these sites as a way of increasing your own ranking and readership.

A Wikipedia article on the topic said the following: Internet marketers attempt to maximize the results of an article advertising campaign by submitting their articles to a number of article directories. However, most of the major search engines filter duplicate content to stop the identical content material from being returned multiple times in searches. Some marketers attempt to circumvent this filter by creating a number of variations of an article, known as article spinning. By doing this, one article can theoretically acquire site visitors from a number of article directories.

At the Search Marketing Standard website, you can find some of the most active article marketing sites. These are places where can find articles of all kinds for your site as well as submit them.